Travelling Europe- Here are some places to travel!

If you are traveling to Europe, there are some places which you have not to leave visiting. Europe is one of the diverse continents, which has its own fascinating culture and history. It is one of the best places for traveling of any kind if you are looking for a luxurious trip. If you can travel to Europe, there are many things to do by visiting many European destinations. While visiting, it creates a beautiful experience of joy and fun and will be a different experience in each. Your Diamond Rings will shine real bright as you take pictures on scenic places.

There is much top attraction available in Europe which you have to visit. Visiting every attraction will be a memorable experience and come across the country’s insight history and culture. So here we are discussing some of the top attractions in Europe which everyone should know.

    • Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the best attractions in Europe, and it is situated in Wiltshire, England. It is one of the historical monuments, and it is located between Salisbury and Amesbury. It consists of large standing stones, approximately 25 tons in weight, and 13 feet in height. This place is best for visiting as it influences millions of visitors throughout the year, and if you get a chance, you must visit here. Stones are symbolizing for its historical culture and include several burial grounds. It also became one of the best Bronze Age monuments and the UNESCO world heritage site in 1986. Firstly it was scheduled as an ancient monument in 1882, and it is managed by English heritage.

    • Grand bazaar

Grand Bazaar is also one of the best places to visit in Europe, and it is located in Istanbul, turkey. It is one of the oldest and largest grand markets in the world. In this, many visitors spending time with an experience like which they never get at others. It is one of the most visited and attractions and attracts millions of visitors throughout the year. The market consists of different shopping malls, shops, hotels, restaurants, a mix of items, and many more. This market was constructed between 1455 and 1456 and located in the faith district of Istanbul’s walled city. It also contains some fresh produce handmade crafts and art items which is most attracted by visitors.

    • Colosseum

Colosseum is also one of the famous landmarks in Europe, which is located in Rome, Italy. It is one of the best structures which is visited by many spectators throughout the year. If you are thinking of visiting Italy, this place is best to visit, and it also comes to mind for many people. The structure is so massive that it can contain up to 80 thousand spectators in it. It is located in the center of Rome and is constructed under three emperors. The structure now looks like museums that are dedicated by animal hunts and many more.


These are some of the top attractions in Europe that you have to visit, and everyone should know it. Europe is one of the best exciting continents which includes various tourist places to visit. Some other beautiful attraction in Europe can be found in Vienna, Austria, however finding a place to stay might be a bit hard, and for that, we suggest: Furnished apartments in Vienna for business and leisure travelers @ Grand Quarters.