North Sulawesi provincial capital is Manado, Indonesia and is also the starting point for visiting many attractions in Minahasa. Here you can also visit the Nature Reserve 2 Saudara – Tangkoko, home to birds and other wildlife that is unique in Sulawesi, like Tarsius, cus cus, hornbills etc. Manado is the cultural center of the Minahasa people. Once this place the fort of the Netherlands and also the center of the spice trade. during World War 2 and the suppression of local rebels in the 1950s has flatten mostly older buildings in That Place. The majority of Christian religious population here.

Minahasa people live in a neat wooden frame house, with railing and flower gardens, providing Manado like Europe. journey through the Minahasa Highlands will take you to see firm-firm prehistoric interest, the land where the cemetery, volcanoes, hot water, coffee and coconut plantations, gardens anggre, klereng terraced hills, lakes and highlands Tondano stunning panorama of the lush mountains. from Manado.

Reef at Bangka Island, Manado, Photo by Peter Zaal

tropical temperatures at Manado. In the highlands Tomohon, Tondano, Kawangkoan cooler but still sunny. Usually the rainy season in September-March / April. and the remaining dry season.

LIon Fish At Bangka Island, Photo by Peter Zaal.

How to get there?

For more easy to get Manado by plane. Manado airport named Sam Ratulangi Airport. There are scheduled flights to Jakarta by using the airline Garuda, Lion Air, Batavia. Flights to Balikpapan, Denpasar Bali, Ternate (North Maluku), and Sorong (West Papua). To go downtown from the airport can use taxi to get downtown take about 30 minutes for Rp 70,000. There is also a microbus at the terminal Paal, the price of Rp 3000.

Get around in Manado

The main ways of getting around are ojek/ompreng, moped taxis that can be a bit scary, or with Mikrolets (mikros), the blue mini buses that you jump on just standing by the street. They all have a certain route and within a day one should figure out how it works.

Taxi. If you want to go use the taxis here, many taxi operators are operating here, such as: Bluebird, Trust, and Kokapura Seleberiti. Taxi is the best and reliable is the bluebird taxi. Be careful when using taxi meters, taxi meters because some still ask for extra money, especially taxi hotels, and airports, Negotiate before you take a taxi.

Microbus / Bemo. Transfortasi This is the most cheap and most common in Indonesia. to use this cost Rp 3000

Motorcab motorcycle taxi is a taxi, usually to use this service Rp 3000 / 1 Km, transfortasi is also common in Indonesia and fast.

What u will See ?

Tourists can see what: Ban Hin Kiong, a Buddhist temple from the 19th century Bukit Cinta. Mondoiding. This is the place Agro, there are garden vegetables and chili to be marketed to the eastern part of Indonesia. You can also relax under ombrellone decentrato while enjoying the view of the garden. This place is very cool and beautiful, was at ketimggian 900-1200 meters above sea level. there exists a Modoinding Moat Lake with Mount Prayer in the east. and can also go to national parks to see the activity threshold birds there are within 180 km from Manado. You can also live in traditional wooden houses typical of Minahasa.

What will you do there?

Manado is famous for dive sites, and here there are several diving spots besides Bunaken. You also can visit the national park Tangkoko.

Tangkoko National Park. Bitung is located in the North and wide 3196 Hectares, Located at the slopes of Mount Dua Bersaudara. This area consists of green hills and beautiful valleys, open Grassland covered with a great variety of plants, There be some animals that live here, such as: Tarsier, monkey black( Macaca), maleo birds, snakes, wild pigs, hornbills and deer.This national park distance of 50 km from Manado and took 2:30 minutes to get there. You can use rental car Rp 300.000/day, Rp 500.000/ day+driver+gas or public transport from Manado to Bitung Rp 10,000, and from the national park Bitung to Rp 10,000 to Rp 15,000 entrance fee and you also have to use a guide service there, the guide price of Rp 85,000 / person.vice there, the guide price of Rp 85,000 / person.



Black Monkey/ Macaca

Dive :

Diving around Bunaken Island In Bunaken National Marine Park.

Diving at Bangka Island :This place is one of the most famous place for diving and also attract divers of the world, this island is also fertile and beautiful, Bangka region include: the island of the Gangga, Tamperong, Kinabohutan, , Tidila, Bangka and Talise. This place can be reached from Manado by car and boat, or you can set this resort. about 90 minutes to get there from Manado. There is a public boat from Likupang to Bangka boat schedule from Monday-Saturday at 4:00 pm. or you can rent a boat and you can leave whenever you want.

This place is not part of the Bunaken national park, so here do not need to buy a permits. Diving here is great for beginners or advanced. Snorkeling here can also be done. when Diving can find Dugong, pygmy sea horse, giant turtles. Napoleon fish, white tip reef sharks and black, and a variety of coral reefs, big Pelagics, etc.. Sometimes you’ll see dolphins and whales. On the mainland you can also see Tarsiun, maleo and deer. Most tourists stay in the resort dive them, because they offer all the attractive packages.

Bangka Dive sites

There are several diving points: Batu Gasoh: consists of a number of peaks rising steeply from the interior, there are areas for avoiding strong currents, and drift can be carried around, very colorful coral, fish diversity, large rocks and peaks. Batu Mandi and Batu Pendeta : there is a B-21 bomber who drowned about 28 meter. Mainland around Pulisan: offers shallow diving in the surrounding peaks and rocks with its impressive marine life.

Diving at Bangka Islands

Dive operators and Shop at Manado : 1. Goby Divers

Dive operator at Bangka Islands : 1. Blue Bay Divers : 2. Mimpi Indah resort : 3. Gangga Island resort : 4. Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort :

Diving At Lembeh strait/Bitung Islands : Bitung is located on the east side of the port of Manado and North Sulawesi, this place is the starting point to the volcano and diving in the Lembeh Strait 30 minutes from Bitung, this place is a paradise for divers, but dive in Lembeh Strait is very expensive, because the management the resort is a westerner. If you are a person who likes the little things and unusual, this is where a good place to get it when diving in Lembeh Strait.

when diving in Lembeh Strait can see Stargizer, ghostpipefish decoration, Emperor shrimp, bee shrimp, Harlequin shrimp, octopus, parrot waspfish, boxer crabs, pygmy seahorses, hairy Frogfish, Mandarin fish, many species of nudibranchs, and other unusual creatures in Lembeh straits. According to the dive guides there every 6 months will usually be found a new type of sepesies in Lembeh Strait. Diving here can almost be done throughout the season / year and is safe, because the islands protect Lembeh strait from the wind.

Lembeh Strait Dive site

Fish at Lembeh Strait.

Dive operator at Lembeh Strait or Blitung Islands : 1. Bastianos Lembeh Diving Resort : 2. Lembeh Resort : 3. Kasawari Lembeh Resort : 4. Eco Divers Lembeh : 5. Diver Lodge Lembeh : 6. Two Fish Divers : 7. Black Sand Dive : 8. Kungkungan Bay Dive Resort : 9. Dive Lembeh Strait :

FRog Fish at Lembeh strait, photo by Peter Zaal

Liveaboards around Bunaken / Lembeh : 1. M/V Paisabatu II : 2. KLM Sunshine :

Diving at Sangihe Island : Sangihe Talaud is located on the north island of Bangka and in this place there are many volcanoes are still active underwater, have many islands, to go to this place as well as from Manado to the island of Bangka, Sangihe islands because there is on the north island Bangka. majority of the population of this island Christian religion. The island is still very pure, no electricity, they can not speak English and Indonesian language with their dialects, Do not have of communication, they are fishing to fulfill their needs, they still do the exchange system to get the item they want, but luckily there is a guide local from the island, visiting the village on the island is an interesting thing for your visit, ask your Boat Captain for this. diving here is very far from the main island and had to using liveaboard. but it does not matter because it paid off with the beauty of the underwater world and its islands. The underwater world here is purely a giant sponge over 100 years old and Corals here have never before seen by divers. You can dive in this place throughout the year.

Sangihe Talaud map

Diving at Sangihe Islands

Liveaboards from Manado : 1. Scuba Safari : 2. Indo-Pasific Divers : 3. Manado liveaboards : 4. Murex dive center : 5. Dive liburan

Other activity at manado :

Rafting : Manado has mountains around it and some river for rafting. place for whitewater rafting on the river Manada around Sawangan / Airmadadi and Timbukar, when the rafting on the river Timbukar you’ll see wildlife there.

Trekking : Mountian area around Manado offers some excellent trekking, around Manado there are some volcanoes, especially in the city of Tomohon, here having a great trekking destination, they offer offer views of the coastal area, the surrounding sea and the volcanic crater. The highest mountain in this area named the mountain Klabat. Mount Lokon also a popular trekking destination, in this place can see the lake which is a crater lake Linow sulfate. You can also visit the villages of the local Minahasa. Local tour operators and many tourist attractions in Manado can arrange your trekking tour.

Cheak this Video for Diving in Manado, Lembeh Strait, Bunaken, and Tangkoko National Park by Mariko Suzuki :

The Best Accommodation, Just Click Hotel Name’s For Ditel & Booking :

  1. Kungkungan Bay Resort, $130. Lembeh Strait, Manado, Indonesia
  2. Lembeh Hills Resort, $270. Desa Makawidey – Lembeh Strait, Manado, Indonesia
  3. Hotel Aryaduta Manado, $57. Jl. Piere Tendean Boulevard, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  4. Novotel Manado Golf Resort & Convention Center, $52. Jalan AA Maramis Kayuwatu Kairagi II North Sulawesi, Manado Airport, Manado
  5. Swiss-Belhotel Maleosan Manado, $63. Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 85-87, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  6. Gran Puri Manado Hotel, $121. Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 458, Manado, Manado, Indonesia 95116
  7. Gran Central Hotel, $48 . Jl. Sudirman No. 45, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  8. Cocotinos Boutique Beach Resort Manado, $89. Desa Kima Bajo Dusun III, Kecamatan, Wori, Manado, Indonesia
  9. Sintesa Peninsula Hotel, $78. Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Gunung Wenang, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  10. Kima Bajo Resort & Spa, $96. Desa Kima Bajo Dusun 1, Kecamatan, Kabupaten Minahasa Utara, North Sulawesi Utara, Wori, Manado
  11. Aston Manado Hotel, $32. Jl. Sudirman No. 128 95123, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  12. Biteya City Hotel, $34. Jl. WR Supratman 11, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  13. Citra Hotel, $26. Jl. Dr Sam Ratulangi XVIII 12, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  14. Nusantara Diving Center Resort & Spa, $64. Molas, Lingkungan IV ( Batusaiki), Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  15. Rockrand Hotel, $26. Jl. Ahmad Yani 16 No. 1, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  16. Riverside Hotel, $13. Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 2, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  17. Tasik Ria Resort, $73. Jl. Raya Trans Sulawesi, Minahasa Beach, Manado, Indonesia 95351
  18. Griya Sintesa Hotel, $33. Jl. Dr. Soetomo No 4, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  19. Sedona Hotel Manado, $ 95. Jl. Raya Tanawangko, Desa Tateli, Pineleng, Minahasa Sulawesi Utara, Minahasa Beach, Manado
  20. Manguni Terrace Resort, $34. Tanawangko – Poopo, Manado, Indonesia
  21. Villa Dahlia, $56. Jl. Raya Tanah Wangko Desa Kalasey, Minahasa Beach, Manado, Indonesia
  22. Hotel Lucky Inn, $29. Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.88 Malalayang I, Minahasa Beach, Manado, Indonesia
  23. Hotel Wisata, $30. Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 7, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  24. The 4 Fish Hotel, $37. Tongkaina, Wori, Wori, Manado, Indonesia
  25. Hotel Emerald, Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto No. 10, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  26. Hotel Central Manado, $34. Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 33, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  27. Travello Hotel Manado. $33. Jl. Sudirman No. 123, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  28. Murex Dive Resort, $62. Jl. Raya Trans Sulawesi, Kalasey, Minahasa Beach, Manado, Indonesia
  29. Hotel Formosa, Komp. Pertokoan Manado Mal Jl. W. Monginsidi No. 1 Blok NW Bahu, Manado
  30. Hotel Celebes Manado, $34. Jl.Rumambi No. 8, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  31. Hotel Santika Premiere Seaside Resort Manado, $52. Tongkaina, Bunaken, Wori, Manado, Indonesia
  32. Sahid Kawanua Hotel, $36. Jl Sam Ratulang 1, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  33. Hotel Minahasa, $46. Jl. Sam Ratulangi No. 199, Manado, Manado, Indonesia
  34. Murex Dive Bangka Resort, $83.Desa Likupang, Sangihe, Manado, Indonesia
  35. Hotel Bobocha Siladen, $164. Siladen Island,, Manado, Indonesia
  36. Tanta Moon Luxury Villas, $192. Siladen Island, North Sulawesi, Manado, Indonesia
  37. Tanta Moon Luxury Villas. $190. Siladen Island, North Sulawesi, Manado, Indonesia
  38. Cocotinos Boutique Beach Resort Manado. $88. Desa Kima Bajo Dusun III, Kecamatan, Wori, Manado, Indonesia
  39. Sahid Kawanua Hotel. $35. Jl Sam Ratulang 1, Manado, Manado, Indonesia

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