Dunedin to Golden Bay – A short long summary Or How I found the Truth About Lattes and Flat Whites

Kia Ora. Yes, I am out here. Still in Kiwiland. What have been doing since The All Black vs Les Bleus match?

I manage to the hit the road and headed westwards to Queenstown, the winter sport capital of Kiwiland. I timed it perfectly to miss the snow storm which hit Dunedin. Queenstown – I stayed at the Black Sheep, how could I not? – is by Lake Wakatipu in NZ Lake District. Absolutely stunning – as I travelled around NZ, stunning becomes a standard word for the South Island. From now on lets assume its stunning unless it is even more stunning than stunning and I will have to think of a new adjective – And what did i do for the week I was there? Most of the time I sat and read in the Queenstown Green Devil I did to other things. I went and ate in the local Thai restaurants – how I like their red curries, just need the sticky rice – pizzas, Kebabs – never again – and so on. Oh, i did walk on the lake front around the mighty metropolis – that at least took 5-10 min. Come on its NZ. I have to say that Queenstown sole existence is to cater to the holiday trade. However do not be put off by this – and paraglidding. Yes, 8 months after Kia and Max paraglidded in Nepal, its my turn. It was fun but cold….

Probably a good time to warn you all that this is a Photo Light Post, non existant to be precise. Slow Internet connection at the moment. Sorry. However, you could always bring your favorite sports betting pastime via บาคาร่า and make money while on the go.

I stayed a couple day too much in Qtown. I then jumped on the bus to the town of Franz Josef Glacier – really a village with a backpackers and motels to visit Franz Josef Glacier, what a coincidence – on the west coast of the South Island. I stayed a couple of nights. With a half day trek on – surprisingly – the glacier. Some good photos – oops you can’t see them.

Then back on the bus for another 7 hours journey – forgot to mention that there is at least a 5-7 hrs journey time to get any way – to Christchurch, the largest city on the South Island. From Franz Josef, I headed up the West coast too Greymouth – the largest city on the West coast – then across the South Island via Arthurs Pass to Christchurch on the East Coast. Passed a pleasant time on the bus talking with a couple of Irish guys.

In Christchurch spent 3 nights. A day to visit the city or maybe less – honestly not that big – a film and a couple of baltis – cars & planes that transform!! Wow for real… As big city goes, relaxing. Some time spent in a Green Devil, Canterbury Museum and the Art Gallery….

Then back on to the bus around the east coast to Nelson on the north coast of the South Island. Just one night, the following day, i caught yet another bus to Golden Bay. During my travel, Dalia, who I knew from my time at Uni in the UK – Wall Hall – l before I moved to France, returned to work at a Backpackers in the Golden Bay. So a perfect opportunity to go and meet a friend I have not seen in a few year. Since I been in France to be precise. So much more convenient to meet in Kiwiland than London!!!! Dalia, I discovered was the backpackers manager.

A rapid travel through my travel. I not one mention of sheep – well apart from the black sheep…

See Ya..

By the way, the truth, next time…

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