Some exciting business news which should you knows!

As we all know, business plays a vital role in our culture, and it helps to make our survival. To know different effects in the business era, business news plays an important role, which helps you to tell various business ups and downs. It makes an important place worldwide and helps develop individual minds from a business perspective. If you are very enthusiastic about the business, say if you are selling golf rangefinder, you need to be updated about the business world. You must read the best business news and analyze the real world.

The most dangerous pandemic is affecting the countries, which is known as COVID-19, so in this, it also affects the position of the business and makes it worse in different fields. So here I am discussing some of the business news which helps you to stay updated.

    • 69,000 bolt electric cars are recalled due to fire risks

As it is explained, general motors recall nearly 69,000 bolt electric cars worldwide because it has fie risks, as its batteries are caught fire. Many engineers are working on the issue to figure it out. The company also says that two people have suffered inhalation due to the blazes. There are many models from 2017 to 2019 that are recalled, and the chief bolt engineer says that they will install software that will limit the charging of the battery capacity, and they will fix it soon. It also said in the document filed that fire began at the rear seat or when cars were unattended.

    • The government may invoke fake GST invoices.

There are many nationwide works against fake GST invoices, but the government is examining the offenders and books them under COFEPOSA. It is working under the GST laws and income tax act, and the government will take action on them, which can be under laws and PMLA. Now they must require physical and financial verification for their goods before the company allowed them GST registration. There are many culprits in last month that are 25 persons have been arrested in the case of fake GST invoices. There are many search and investigation are on to identify which are involved in the beneficiaries. Many frauds are held in activities like MS scrap, copper rod or wire, readymade garments, and many more.

    • Roshni gets bail in yes bank case.

Rana Kapoor’s daughter Roshni Kapoor got bail in Mumbai on Thursday in the yes bank case, as she accused in the yes bank fraud case, and now it summons to issue to her by the court. She is the eight accuse in which the charge sheet is filed in the case by CBI. Many charges are held on Roshni and are now dropped by the superior CBI court under the PC act. To the summons, she appears in the magistrate court and sought bail.

Last words!

So these are some of the business news which you should know. Business news also plays a vital role in our commercial activities, which are related to the economy. So you must read daily business news which helps you to stay updated.