Famous tourist places of New York that will make your day

New York is a wonderful place and center of attraction for tourists. This is so because of the wonderful skyscraper buildings, World Culture, and many more. People are quite friendly and you can find different types of US citizens here. You can see the diverse culture and magnificent lifestyle of people that you will hardly find anywhere in the entire world. The world-famous Statue of Liberty is also situated here. The next most important building in Time Square and World Trade Centre. There are many more things to experience than you can ever imagine in your life.

 Facilities for tourist

The law and order are good here. You can find some of the most luxurious hotels with beds covered in bamboo sheets to give guests a more comfortable stay and restaurants in New York. Apart from this, you can have a great dining and shopping experience that you will remember for the whole of your life. Still, there are some very famous places that you should always consider when you are visiting New York. At these places, you can see Life from a completely different perspective.

 Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty is the most important place in New York. It provides a completely different recognition of this place in the entire world. Statue of Liberty is famous as the symbol of freedom for the entire world. It is also a mesmerizing place; every tourist wants to visit at least once in his life. The total height of this particular building is 93 meters the statue is situated in Madison Square Park. There is a 354-step staircase in this building. From that height, you can have an Eagle view of the entire New York City that will make your day and it is worth trying.

 Times Square

One of the excellent creations of human beings is X care that you must visit when you are going to New York. The formal name of this building was Long acre square. You will be amazed to know that millions of people visit this particular building every year from different parts of the world. This particular building is situated in the center theater district. The present name to this building was given in 1904. Decade past but the attraction of The Time Square building is the same.

 Museum of Modern Art

Museums visit is the indispensable part of all the tourist activities. Also, if you really want to have something memorable in your visit to New York you should never miss the Museum of Modern Art. You can see some of the World’s finest creations here. People who love art must never miss this great opportunity because the kind of Masterpiece that you will find here will not be available anywhere in the entire world.


A nice place that you should your down in your list is Broadway. It is also known as Mecca of American Theater. Broadway is counted among the most popular tourist attractions in New York City. This is a state where topknot masters of theatre have given their mind-blowing performances. Before visiting the place, you should book your ticket in advance to avoid any discrepancies.